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Now available - OBD 2007 software exclusively for OBDPro interfaces.

    Professional Grade Scantools

Just released
All our scantools (except for the OBDPro Compact) have Remote upgrade capability so new software features can be downloaded to your scantool for free without replacing the chip (most other ELM327 scantools require you to replace the chip at a cost of approximately $ 32 per upgrade)
      Smart Switch
      with WiFi option
Designed for car computers this device will shutdown when the computer connected to the interface is not powered up; unlike competitor products that always draw power from the OBD II port - draining the battery if left permanently connected. This interface also supports an optional wireless module.
Our bestseller, connects using your laptop's USB port and supports high speeds upto 2.0 Mbps.

Don't be fooled by imitations the OBDPro scantools are the only ones in their price range that offer free firmware upgrades and a detached cable for the OBD II end allowing for maximum flexibility in ensuring that the interface will always fit on the OBD II port of your vehicle.
Smallest size "all in one" scantool on the market. Keeps up with CAN traffic even at 9600 bps

      OBDPro Compact USB
lowest cost entry level multi protocol scantool on the market - supports all OBD II protocols but does not offer the firmware upgrade capability or enhanced features like the other OBDPro products.

All the OBDPro scantools support OBD II protocols found on vehicles manufactured after 1995 .

  • J1850 PWM  (Generally ford vehicles manufactured between 1996-2005)
  • J1850 VPW  (GM & some chrysler vehicles)
  • ISO9141-2  (Most imports)
  • KWP2000 (Saturn and some imports)
  • ISO15765-4 (CAN) (most 2005 & newer vehicles)

OBDPro Features

  • Works on all 1996 or newer vehicles
  • Supports all OBD2 protocols PWM, VPW, ISO-9141, KWP2000 and CAN
  • Supports multiple communications speeds 9600 Kbits to 1.25 Mbits (Higher speeds might not work with your laptops serial port so choose the USB version if you want the higher speeds)
  • Also available in a USB version for users with laptops that do not have a serial port
  • Allows users to monitor network traffic in vehicles and send messages to vehicle modules
  • Includes everything you need to get started with reading your vehicles "brain"
  • Compatible with a wide range of available OBD2 software. see resources page
  • Compact size
  • Double buffered message queues so less likely to run into buffer overflow situations even at 9600 BPS

Getting started   Scantool setup

Getting started with the OBDPro Scantools

To view problem codes in your vehicle,  turn off the check engine light and listen in on messages being sent over the vehicle network you need three things,

  1. The OBDPro scan tool.
  2. A PC computer, a Pocket PC PDA, or PalmOS to look at the OBD data.
  3. A software program running on your computer to capture the OBD data.

The above setup offers maximum functionality in working with OBD2 systems and vehicle networks. The ObdPro setup acts as a virtual Swiss army knife in working with in vehicle networks.

Other handheld OBD II tools available in the market can only perform a single function of reading the error codes and turning off the check engine light, they cannot view traffic on the OBD II bus, moreover when new messages are introduced in vehicles the handheld OBD2 units cannot read the new messages. With the OBDPro there are no such limitations. 

Some automotive repair shops charge almost $70 just to tell you the error code on a check engine light. You can do it for free with this tool, moreover you can even do advanced diagnosis such as monitoring fuel consumption based on your driving habits and even control some of the accessories in your vehicle via the OBDPro scantool. See datasheet for an example of controlling the power windows on a GM vehicle.


OBDPro Serial connection diagram

The above diagram illustrates how to setup the OBDPro scantool.

    1. Look under the dashboard of your car and  you should see a connector similar to the one circled below, this is known as a DLC (data link connector) and is typically located in the drivers compartment (ocassionally on the passenger side). Generally the DLC connector is right below the steering column. It might have a cover on it so look closely.

      OBD II Connector

    2. Connect the D shaped end of the black OBD cable to the DLC connector in your vehicle. Now connect the small connector of the OBD II cable supplied with your OBDPro scantool to the scantool end labelled "CAR". At this point the power LED will light and stay lit. This means the unit is getting power from the connector.  Once the Red PWR LED is lit proceed to step 3 (connecting the OBDPro scantool to your pc)

    3. Connecting the OBDPro scantool to the PC
      Install a suitable diagnostic software on your computer, We have listed some of the popular OBD II software here. There is software for practically all computers and even PDA's. You can also use hyperterminal to talk to the OBDPro scantool, please refer to the datasheet for more info on using a serial terminal with your OBDPro.

    4. Connect the RS232/USB cable between your PC and the OBDPro scantool and then launch your OBD Diagnostic software. You will need to configure your software so that it talks with the correct serial port that is connected to the scantool. The car's ignition needs to be turned on for the OBD2 data to be available. The car does not need to be running but the ignition key needs to be in the start position, not accessory or off.

      If you run into problems in setting up the scantool refer to the FAQ for troubleshooting hints.

      If your computer does not have a Serial port we also have a USB version available.